O.G.H. Savage

I’m writing all kinds of things over here. I can write copy for websites, newsletters, social media, and long-form articles. Get in touch if you want to know more. 

Recently, I contributed to the futures magazine Farsight with an article on how our concept of leisure could change in a world with less paid work. I’ve also been producing a series of profile pieces on Grønt Marked’s wholesome farmers for a newsletter I myself put together. Get in touch to here more about my copywriting services. 

I have a Blog called Blog Standard. It’s not your standard blog. In Blog Standard I share my thoughts through essays that blend personal experiences with reflections on various topics. Feel free to subscribe to it here, or otherwise have a read of some one-off pieces from it below. 


Easel Drawing

Darling, that’s just my Easel

This article explores the subject of relationships and tells the story of a man attempting to form a one-man celibacy organisation named Monk Club I’ve been forced to buy a

Sauna Cartoon

The Gus Master

I’ve decided to write about health. Clearly, it’s a rather large priority. Neglect it, and you could possibly die, and that’s the biggest biggy of them all.

Barbers Cartoon


It’s time for my three-weekly to monthly haircut so I walk into the barbers where I'm immediately engaged in a conspiratorial

A chronic mUsturbator: why you shouldn’t motivate yourself with should statements

I suffer from an awful habit. A habit they call musturbation. It isn’t a joke. It’s a very serious

Live in the Now or Search for Meaning?

Should we make peace with the present moment, or fight to realise our true potential? Find out more in this article.