O.G.H. Savage

In Blog Standard, I tell stories that say something about wider topics like modern work, technology, and depression. I invite you to come paddle down my stream of consciousness in the age of despair, where all that really matters is yourself…

A man sleeps with his laptop lit up

Technologically Sanitising the Bedroom

How is sleeping with your laptop and phone related to addiction and sleep problems? Is our productivity obsession making us guilty?

The Smoky Mistress

What are the mental processes behind our addictive behaviour?

Drawing of an easel

Darling, that’s just my Easel

The story of a man attempting to form a one-man celibacy organisation.

Sauna Cartoon

The Gus Master

I’ve decided to write about health. Clearly, it’s a rather large priority. Neglect it, and you could possibly die, and that’s the biggest biggy of them all.

Barbers Cartoon


It’s time for my three-weekly to monthly haircut so I walk into the barbers where I'm immediately engaged in a conspiratorial