O.G.H. Savage

Basically, everyone’s gone all gloomy and for damn good reason. Most people are worrying over whether the oat milk can go in the recycling while simultaneously thinking that in about 19 years they’ll be floating along on the world’s last iceberg while attempting to have a game of chess.

That’s just the start too. My mate Harry Peel’s bloody worried about AI. He thinks he’s gonna be ousted any second. I don’t blame him. He probably is going to be ousted.

Anyhow. I promised myself that I wouldn’t get distracted. My art business is going down the swanny and this is the last big push. A Manifesto for the Age of Despair. Something to really get people’s attention.

Problem is, I’ve been trying to write it for quite a while now, but I just keep on getting sidetracked. That’s the issue here. I keep on veering off, talking about all kinds of stuff. This time I’m gonna keep my attention. You’ve gotta be focused these days if you want to be successful. It says that on YouTube all the time.

Anyhow, here it goes. A text for the ages. One that’s write for the times. One that suits the gloom and desperation.

Buckle up.